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You’ve got a letter! Moses and the Burning Bush

Hello 👋


Right now we are not meeting every Sunday, so I decided to write you a letter.

I wanted to tell you that I miss playing with you, hearing from you, praying with you and doing a lot of other fun activities together! 🥰

The good thing is, even when I cannot be with you: God is there. And he is awesome.

That is why I decided to write letters and prepare videos and activities for you, until we can finally see each other and be together on Sundays. 


Today I want to tell you about Moses. He was a cool man who knew God. His story is also the story of a group of people. They were called the “Israelites”. God loved these people very much. This is how the story of Moses and the Israelites began:

Through the bush, God came to speak to Moses. God showed himself to Moses and told him about himself. 

God is always faithful. He cares about his people. God wants his people to know him. He is who is he is: God. (In the language that Moses and the Israelites spoke this is called “YAHWEH”) 

And God had a good plan. Moses was scared, but God was with him. I think that is awesome! 

Maybe you have some more time and want to do something. Then you can watch the second video and create a picture of the burning bush.

Have fun with the picture! And ask your parents to take a photo 📸, so that I can see all of your crafts! 

I hope to see you soon and I am praying for you,

🙎🏼‍♀️ Judith