Crossing the Red Sea

Hello πŸ‘‹

This week tells us about God’s greatness again! He loves his people and protects them. He is with them and leads them. What a wonderful God! πŸ™Œ

❓❓ Have you seen this in your life? Has God protected you or helped you make decisions? Maybe you lost something and prayed and then found it? You can also ask your parents: How has God protected you? How has he led you?Β  ❓❓

I have experienced that God leads and protects me. He has protected me from getting hurt or sick. In sad moments I have experienced that he is with me and comforts me. In difficult situations I have experienced that God is with me and helps me to decide. And we also know that Jesus came to this earth to be with people. He is our way to freedom, just like the people of Israel were finally free from the evil king of Egypt. Because of Jesus we are free and can live for God.

🎢   When Moses and the people of Israel had walked through the sea, they sang a song of praise to God. Do you know any songs to praise God? Sing this song or think of your own song to God.

πŸ–Β  Β You can also draw a picture of the things you want to say β€œthank you” for.Β 

I miss you and I am praying for you,

πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈΒ  Judith



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