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  • Crossing the Red Sea

    Hello 👋 This week tells us about God’s greatness again! He loves his people and protects them. He is with them and leads them. What a wonderful God! 🙌 ❓❓ Have you seen this in your life? Has God protected you or helped you make decisions? Maybe you lost something...

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  • Moses and Pharaoh

    Hello 👋 , I hope you had a good week! Thank you for the pictures you made of the burning bush. 🔥  The story of Moses and God continues and this week I want to tell you about that. Here is what happened next: Did you know that every year,...

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  • You’ve got a letter! Moses and the Burning Bush

    Hello 👋   Right now we are not meeting every Sunday, so I decided to write you a letter. I wanted to tell you that I miss playing with you, hearing from you, praying with you and doing a lot of other fun activities together! 🥰 The good thing is,...

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